Pleasure and Suffering

Every now and then I need a bit of fresh air. Usually that is everyday. And then again I also need to look at things with new eyes. I came to Copenhagen for reboot that just took place, and a bit of fresh air of the other kind that is called being set into a different context. My brain is still a bit mushy from all the input during reboot. Whatever it is that the background processing is, it does need some time. Meanwhile I have some work to take care of.

I am at present also deeply annoyed that I did something silly yesterday only because I refuse to accept that the body has reactions of its own that have nothing to do with my will. In short, yesterday evening I had a complete allergic reaction including shortness of breath, fast pulse, headache, nausea, generalized erythema and the intestinal reaction associated with the body wanting to get rid of the offending substances as quickly as possible. I have not had one of these ever since I was given a penicillin-family antibiotic while in hospital (son’s birth) some 23 years ago. Yes, allergic to penicillin too. Helsingør will from now on be in my memory bank, not as the place where Hamlet is perhaps buried in four different places in the garden, but a place where I had a most delicious ice cream and a most undelicious allergic reaction to it. Why can’t I just be like everybody else and be able to enjoy an ice cream without almost keeling over and dying?

I have a particularly pleasant relationship to Hamlet. It was one of the first Shakespeare works that I read in high school in Montreal. We had a particularly interesting teacher for English that somehow took us through some wonderful field trips from seeing some film rendition of Hamlet to a visit to an Hari Khrishna temple. Shakespeare made a much greater impression on me at the time, and it seems that not much has changed on these matters. My own ignorance of the Hari Khrishna movement prevents me from saying anything about it, for all that I know is that there was nothing about these folks that particularly interested me. Well, I am interested in lots of things, not everything.

My photos from reboot are on flickr. Odd, why did I not upload them to 23?

I did publish the slides from my main presentation and the micropresentation on shlideshare, links to it are published in uncondition and on the reboot site. My approach to slide making is at the very least non-linear, fuzzy and provoking. If you were not in the sessions, chances are that the slides will make next to little sense to you, and that is also fine with me.

I am looking forward to continuing the discussions and interactions from reboot and all the other good places that we keep on meeting. To my surprise I also talked to a lot of people whom I had never talked to and each and every time was fascinated by the richness that resides in each one of us.

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