Where was I?

Today had lunch with Philippe Müller to discuss the possibility of actively becoming a member of Berne’s city parliament. For the habitual readers of this blog who are not familiar with my involvement in politics, this may come as a surprise. Me and politics is a troubled relationship. I just have always wondered what role politics has in my life. Damn if you do, damn if don’t, just about summarizes it for me on most occasions, still I remain curious. If given the opportunity, should I get involved into politics? I do ask myself what it is that a city parliament member can accomplish within a minority party. I suppose that the only way to find out is to go and do it.

The history of this is that I ran for office – city parliament in 2004 – after I was told that there was no danger of me getting elected as it was the first time that I appeared on the party‘s list. To my great surprise I did not finish next to last as I had hoped for as a good result for somebody who did not even campaign, instead I nearly got elected and am now on the top of the list. One of my party colleagues is stepping down at the end of the summer and I am next in line. Do I want to do this?

I do wonder if there is wifi in the Rathaus, and if I will be able to post during the sessions. After all, if you have never assisted a city parliament session in Berne, you may not know that most parliamentarians are busy reading the newspaper or knitting during the sessions while some colleague is giving some speech. Most of the serious discussion happens outside of the sessions either in the faction or commission meetings and of course, during meals.

Well, I have my sights set on Geneva and Lausanne for work. In the next week I will be making a decision.