It was a perfect summer day

It was a perfect summer day with lots of fresh air and sunshine. Then as the evening fell, it started to rain, and I do love summer rain. I finished stitching together a few notes about the content of my talk at reboot 9.0 and then just about then I got a text message over the GSM network that just made my day in yet another way. I stepped out into the garden, stood under the rain, and just felt absolutely happy. The text of the text message could be broadcast and it is perhaps only I who could derive so much from it. It was a response from another text that I had sent. It really was not about the content, it was about being connected. Is this happiness, just being connected?

It was one of those days when several people just made my day! One of the light moments of the day was on Jaiku while musing about the future of Plazes and Dopplr.

Then a while ago I started thinking about the last weekend’s Aikido seminar and am stunned that what is most present now is one interaction that I had fairly much on the edge of the tatami. The details are not particularly flattering to one of those involved, but the lesson was precious and overdue. Ah!… Yes!