Ah! I said breakdown? It is breakdown.

First, thanks to those who without knowing give me the kick in the behind that I need exactly when I need it. You do not know who you are, and that is good so. It is not evident either.

Secondly, I have never been happier in my life. But then I say that at every turn of my life, even when things are falling apart at the seams, and I do not know which way is up, or which way is down. Happiness is somehow a long lost concept on me, and that may be something to do why writing that one story that I researched in Bahrain is waiting for the others to get written first. So, it could be that I end up writing a story about it and declining happiness in all its contorted conjugations after all!

Thirdly, it is raining outside, I am listening to Bach, my modest diary is a total mess as I have not synched paper and notes to the electronic version in weeks and now am discovering that I have conflicts all over the place. Rain makes me happy, and Bach makes me happy. There is more… that makes me happy, even when I insist that I do not know what that is. The door to the garden is open, and I am wearing a warm sweater… this is how I like it.

Fourthly, I am having one of those autistic spells.

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There are times when a lion needs to retreat into its cave to lick its wounds. I know those times.