Status 2

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Walked out of my physician’s office today laughing out loud, very loud! Was so distracted laughing that I almost forgot to greet his medical assistant and my raincoat on the rack.

After some good news and a whole five minutes of dramatic recanting of what has been happening in the last four years of my life, I also informed him of my upcoming seat in the the city parliament, and he informed me of his move to my old neighbourhood not far from the Rathaus. On that note, he says goodbye with a very formal greeting “Auf wiedersehen Frau Stadtsrätin!” to which I could only reply “Auf wiedersehen Herr Doktor!” and we both burst out laughing. He and I are about to celebrate our 25th anniversary in January as physician and patient, however never have I called him doctor. I guess you had to be there, I thought that it was hilarious.

The news are good as the results of the biopsy from last month are normal. I am well again! Hurray!

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