You can not possibly be serious!

Achilles: You can not think that!

Tortoise: I can. Oh, and how I can! See, today I made spaghetti sauce with white miso and rice vinegar.

Achilles: But you told me that some joker found your blog while looking for a famous relative of yours and another was looking for a friend’s face. All you managed this year is a great shot of that friend’s back and you have not seen your cousin in ages, and as a matter of fact you do all that you can to avoid being in the presence of all his formality, even if you told me that between you and his son that was different – and for once you wished he was not part of the family already – as you both have this thing going for motion pictures.

Tortoise: Let’s leave my cousin and his son and above all my explosive and stoic friend out of this! My cousins and my friend have nothing to do with a few stray wonderings in Tokyo.

Achilles: Tell me, how is your sex life?

Tortoise: Good. How is yours?

Achilles: Good.

Tortoise: Ah! If you and I shared anything on that level, then it would not be to cover some deficit, would it?

Achilles: No. But last time when we were in Lisbon, you wanted a mobile phone that you could plug into your mac, now the iPhone is out. Why don’t you get one?

Tortoise: You must be joking! Why would I get the most hyped about gadget with all its chickenpox?

Achilles: Because, my dear, it is the ocean that has you now…

Tortoise: You are reading my thoughts.