Just yesterday Guido led his last training before going off to Meiringen to take a position teaching at the Ecole d’Humanité. Happy as I am for Chantal, Guido and their three children to have found the fantastic opportunity of working and living at one of the most interesting schools in Switzerland, I know that come Friday, I will miss our training.

Guido brought a lot of energy, dedication and power to his teaching. I know that for my part that he gave me a lot, in particular because he did not let me get away with anything. He made me repeat a technique innumerable times until I started to get a feel for it and my body could anchor it. Yesterday was no exception.

Thank you Guido.

Somehow it is not possible to be everywhere at the same time. This week the special training organized by Birankai has been taking place in Uzès, France, and most of our dojo is there now. At the last minute due to my own circumstances, I decided not to go to Uzès. Yesterday it was Guido, Ivo and I that were at the training. In addition, I had considered the remote possibility of zipping down to Uzès yesterday and miss Guido’s last unofficial training. I threw the question of what to do to the Universe, and the answer soon became apparent. I am glad that I did not miss this very special training.