Happiness Again

Achilles: Are you happy?

Tortoise: I used to measure happiness by the absence of a wish to own a Mercedes-Benz, today I am actually thinking of another equally German automotive brand although I am feeling that I am betraying my love for objects Italian…

Achilles: Is happiness about objects?

Tortoise: Yes, happiness is about objects.

Achilles: Not feelings?

Tortoise: Not feelings.

Achilles: Identity…

Tortoise: It is all rather impersonal really! Think of me and my object of desire – it represents a childhood’s dream that I did not have, it is a toy that I did not know it could exist. Come to think of it, I have forgotten what it was that I dreamt about when I was a child. I have forgotten if I had posed myself then the question of whether I was happy or not. Then, I was: I cried when my knees bled and it hurt, I receded into my autism when I could not bear the pain of the interaction with the humans, I was alive; I was busy surviving.

Achilles: On occasions you are a sad sight! I do wonder how you live with all the ambiguity and contradiction that spews out of you. But do I care?

Tortoise: I never did.

Achilles: Fear?

Tortoise: I would be happy if my FF (browser) did not keep on crashing and getting stuck into the wheel of death and then require that I ForceQuit-it before my computer will shutdown.