Politics Remashed: T-shirts and Diplomacy

Very recently I found myself in a reboot 8.0 t-shirt, oversized guerilla trousers and a ghutra over my shoulders shaking the hands of a few ministers in ties and suits. In the age of instant communication, physical logistics still fail and so it was that I arrived at the destination on time but my luggage did not. I was faced with the very real situation of being caught in a formal occasion in travel clothes. Although it may be the habit that makes the monk, I still do not know which habit it is that does make the monk. Is it the habit that he wears or is the habit that he is?

Two rather geeky friends in Zurich, Carole and Jens-Christian, have had a brilliant idea to get us all in the mood for the upcoming elections on October 21! The old fashioned t-shirt can now deliver your message! Indeed! YES!

I have been getting a lot of political propaganda material in my mailbox at home and which I am collecting on the dinner table. I am only sure of one thing regarding these pamphlets, brochures and gimmicks issued by the national parliament and senate candidates, it is all pathetic.

Take for instance the case of the fellow in my own party who sends me and a whole bunch of people his own two bits as to why I should vote for him. When I got the letter I noticed that it was addressed to my home address however it arrived at the post office box, not the mail box at home. Since I had long been wondering why it was that I got some mail at home and most of the mail in the post box, I asked the good man behind the counter at the post office to explain this to me. He did. A volume or mass mailing gets sent to the central post processing plant, there in the processing it gets recognized that my home addressed is being forwarded to the post office box. At the same time mail that gets dropped in the city does not necessarily go to the central processing plant, and it gets delivered to the address written on the envelope label without centralized processing. However what I learned in addition came from a casual remark made by the postal employee about the fact that although it was a volume mailing it had a stamp added by hand. Funny! First I do not even notice the effort taken in personalizing the letter, and then when I notice the whole shebang… I am not impressed! Really? Do you think that having some poor sucker sticking a stamp on the envelope of your propaganda is going to make me vote for you? There is a word for these kind of mass mailings, it is called spam.

It is clear now, I am a black sheep. I will wear that t-shirt!

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