Brained Out

 Achilles: You have been in one strange loop after another for the past few days…

Tortoise: Oh crap! Yes! I have been mulling over a few old outpours of emotional pus and putting the old wounds out to dry in the sun. I feel distant from the past and with nary a care. Reckless I may be… reckless…

Achilles: But you told me that you were getting wiser these days, and that you had given up on mental masturbation, and all that I hear now is plain mental and masturbatory, it may even be worse if i came to think of it properly! After all masturbation of any kind does give pleasure to the own and only, even if only mental pleasure…

Tortoise: Ah… never mind that, I have no mind at all. I was going over my last trip to Paris, remember that you were there too. We met a couple of good buddies, a German and an Australian, we lived in a Russian household, drank the heavy elixir of quantum cryptography until the wee hours… and I cursed one journalist that wanted me to promise him to not stop writing! But then I thought that I had sweated off that journalist in some empty hamam in Istanbul while being scrubbed and tugged into cleanliness…

Achilles: You are still thinking of that freak? That was grief well wrapped – eye candy – an invitation to disaster and you – the idiot – you were so very fascinated until the wreck of the journalist stepped over the one line and you turned around. I had to laugh! I remember you then, you were unbearable, you polluted the air waves just with your thoughts. It was aggression and violence, was it not?

Tortoise: It was impotence.

Achilles: Tabu!

Tortoise: Heresy, was it heresy? No, impotence! I never promise anything, much less to not stop writing! I want to write without promises for I may never ever write another word!

Achilles: But last time when we were in Lisbon, you met a mindless monkey. Do you want to return to Tokyo?

Tortoise: You must be joking! I always return to Tokyo! I like my emetic life in Tokyo. I like the freedom of absolute conformity, total disenfranchisement, utter oblivion, and reckless order. No kaizen, kaiten!

Achilles: All of this because you found yourself screaming at the ocean?

Tortoise: I found the banker’s daughter.