Minarets in Bern II

Today I got from the post office the mail that was held back while I was away and in it there was one of these remarkable spam letters that politicians get by the ton. To begin with it is a very non-green activity to waste so much paper to send mail to people who may or may not read it. I find it however a total lack of consideration and sheer stupidity or a sign that our educational system has totally failed, that such a hand addressed envelope without sender contains a photocopied handwritten letter that is not signed.

That such letters want me to somehow do something against the construction of a minaret elevation somewhere in this city is absolutely pathetic. First if you want to be heard and have a voice, do tell me who you are. After all you have my private address and my name, you may as well reciprocate. Then I do recommend the reading of our national constitution. Minarets are not an issue, however people’s fear and extremism is an issue in any community be it christian, moslem, socialist or intellectual.

I hold the view that religion is a private matter. I was born in a catholic country, married once in an ecumenical church and another time to a moslem, and am at best agnostic if a label is needed to classify my belief status. I am not against organized religion either, like I am not against sports associations or fan clubs. To each their own, live and let live, and do it in respect.

I find it however extremely amusing that some bible citing christian unable to write his or her name or identification somehow thinks the way towards social peace might be by forbidding that another be restricted in his architectural expression. If you want peace and evolution, do not let fear win!

What are we teaching our children in school? Should the Bernese school teachers take more care in teaching their pupils the proper way of addressing a letter?

How do you teach tolerance? How do you teach to build social peace?

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