October 20: BarCamp in Zurich

Thanks to a friendly email from Sarah I got a reminder that BarCamp Zurich is coming up on Saturday. I will have to disappoint the local firemen and not show up to something that would greatly honour them with my presence (cough… cough… yikes! who thinks up these wonderful form letter invitation formulations?) and head towards Zurich once more.

Now for my recurring rant about this event: Why on earth do you insist on calling this thing BlogCamp?

Just the other day I was discussing the ICT scene in Switzerland – something that I do often enough in all sorts of different places – and the best word that I had to describe the German speaking attitude towards the Internet, in particular to blogs, was provincial. Yes, provincial. I mean… I like the province and I also think that Berne is pretty provincial for being the capital of a country with a good reputation on the international parquet. But BlogCamp? WTF?

In this mood, I I have decided to talk Saturday about another lovely pet subject of mine “The Swiss Myth” and here I will mix politics and technology like never before, or so help me god!

Be reminded that when you have a self-procraimed agnostic implore the help of god, you may be in for a surprise or two.

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  1. Hello Dannie

    Well, it is called BlogCamp because it is a BlogCamp and not a BarCamp. The difference lies in the specific topic a BlogCamp or any other *Camp has (e.g. WordCamp, StartupCamp …). The sessions and the audience for a BlogCamp is more towards bloggers and less for the “geeks” and ruby coders out there.

    I really have tried to make a BarCamp happen in Zurich this year again, but it is so hard to find a good location and some sponsors.

    Looking forward to see you this Saturday and we can discuss about when the first BarCamp Berne will happen 😉

    // Corsin

  2. Thanks Corsin! I do look forward to talking to you about this! There is quite a bit of wisdom to doing what works, and there you have taken the good road.

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