BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0

I had a great time today at *BlogCampSwitzerland* in spite of the name and in spite of some physical discomfort due to a sore throat that I hope is gone by tomorrow. I saw some old faces, a few new ones and had several good conversations.

I had a little session that I announced as an interactive mashup to the title of “The Swiss Myth“. Both Claudio Notz and Sarah Genner blogged the essence of it from different prespectives. I also am looking forward to see the publication of Sarah’s recently completed work about blogs in politics in Switzerland about which she gave us a fascinating preview today.

I really had no idea as to where the discussion would go when tackling the swiss myth and mash-up politics and blogs. I did have a bit of an inquiry session and do look forward to the video that Greg Vernon made in order to study it within the context of action research methodology. I opened up by telling the story of how I came to think of the swiss myth “rich country” that I often get to hear and that inspired my last post on this blog and how that led me to think that exploring the mythology of Switzerland may lead to some interesting thinking.

It was fantastic to witness the discussion shape itself and to see that most of those present did participate.

Thanks to all who participated and or blogged. It is this kind of joint thinking and interaction that make the barcamp format a success.

updated: Sunday 21.10.2007



  1. Thanks Claudio! For both participating in the discussion and for adding the link to your great post. Welcome to the conversation!

  2. Gute Besserung und und viel Erfolg beim Mythen-Aufdecken! Bis bald wieder.

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