Non Fiction

There are days when what happens in my life makes all my fiction a collection of rather dull narratives. Above all, there was not much about the day that I could possibly have predicted. It was one of those days when the universe is bent on teaching me a few lessons, and give me a few good surprises.

I just got home from watching Ang Lee’s Lust and Caution and although the story is sort of drawn out at the beginning, then all of a sudden gets good. Not only is it one of those few movies where male nudity does flash by in the form of very visible naked balls, but it has a sweet way of showing the futility of some very serious business that on one occasion or another we all somehow might be tempted to think that they are serious and nothing funny. If you either still believe in Santa Claus or in spy thrillers, this may not be the movie for you. I liked the rawness of the human encounters and how the two main characters interacted. At the end of the story, I am left with one question, the only question that there is. What is it that is important to me?

BarCamp in about 10 hours, I think I ought to catch some sleep.

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