Really! This sore throat is turning into a fully disagreeable cold, I am going through Kleenex like a champion, and I feel miserable. This is however the kind of misery that I can live with. I have not been home much lately and the place displays all the signs that a vagabond lives here!

This morning I did drop my ballots in the voting boxes in the school across the street, and then sat in the garden, smoked a cigar and chatted with my neighbour who has been summoned to go ballot counting.

Yesterday I was at BlogCampSwitzerland and I quickly made a note of it on uncondition. Corsin and I had a good chat about getting a BarCampBern going next year, and this is an idea that I do like. I have not looked at my feed reader endo in over a month, and I am now aching to get back to my novel writing that has taken a back seat in the past weeks. Theoretical Man is keeping me off the streets, and if not it, then well… life is the most wonderful of all fictions!

Unfortunately yesterday there were quite a few people that I did not have a chance to touch base with although I saw them a few times between sessions and during the breaks, but somehow, there was always something going on, somebody to talk to. I left my mac at home and that is a good thing, more and more I do want my internet to be mobile and light weight. Besides, I am a lousy live blogger. I am however a bit amused that Jan was happy about my moblogging yesterday.

Yesterday was quite agreeable, the organization worked rather smoothly, and the food was good. Now I just want to crawl back to bed and sleep. I am a bit curious as to how the election results turn out, however I will be staying in and checking on the and websites for updates.

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