Having Fun!

Actually having a ball with politics!

Just a few days ago I tried pitying a friend of mine for the fact that he works like a horse, and he retorted something that implied that he needed no pity as he was having all sorts of fun. For him work is fun. Yesterday somebody asked me how I found the political work within the city parliament. I said that was having a great time, lots of fun, and learning a lot. Indeed, I am having a ball!

Mind you, the pay is lousy, so lousy that a cleaning person will make a much better hourly rate. But what a theatre of human nature!

Now the only surprising thing about any of this is that I have given my impression of active politics to several people, and they are always surprised that I am enjoying it. Mind you, politics is not for the weak of heart, uncontrolled tempers or the impatient. It is slow work, and you are up to dealing with humans and all their glorious conflicts of interest.

So here I am – with sixteen open windows on my desktop without counting the multiple tabs on two different browsers – and I am thinking of how much fun this all is, and that it is lunch time.

Still, with all the fun, some aspects of this fun are a bit boring, that is, very old. Had a short chat with a local journalist yesterday while trying to leave an evening party gathering. He started the conversation about the preparation of the city parliament and executive election that will take place in about one year. Uhm… me thought! Funny! The alliances, coalitions and power struggle season is on at all levels. Still, that is exactly the nature of the beast, it is about resolving conflicts.

Still, I was stunned as to how very human the whole circus is. Who said cool, calm and collected?

Stay tuned.

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