I am desperately missing my two friends Achilles and Tortoise! I have not had much of a chance to spend some time with these two since the time at the beach.

I had a bit of a compensation in that Remo, Marc and I met around a bottle of Italian red in their kitchen last night and went at a rather heated and stimulating discussion about the three topics that we know: law, business and politics.

I am thrilled about the resonance that my last post in uncondition has generated… and puzzled about the can of worms that I may have opened in flirting with things like the Swiss Myth; all of this with the pretext of doing action research and in the context of Theoretical Man.

I am plowing through tabus with an incredible zest. When I think that this has something to do with one little remark made to me by a woman with silver hair and blue eyes… and inspired by another in Paris. Make that, two others in Paris… Ah! I am having fun, and that is not just with politics.

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Do not ask where I am, for you may not want to find out! (Achilles could have said that)

Or is it, do not tell me, for I am afraid that I might understand?