You don’t know, do you?

 Achilles: You have been in the Matrix again, haven’t you?

Tortoise: You know me, I can’t live with it, and I can’t live without it. The Matrix is my generative, it makes me feel more human than my arthritic joints are capable of reminding me.

Achilles: But what I really want to know is if you have ever loved anybody other than yourself?

Tortoise: I would never question your divine wisdom! I love just myself, no other, none other.

Achilles: I have been watching you. You are not whom you pretend to be. You are not where you claim to be. Your actions are beyond purpose, reason or doubt. Who are you?

Tortoise: Tabu!

Achilles: Tabu?

Tortoise: Your thinking is anorexic and incestuous. You do not know!

Achilles: If only you knew how to stay out or it…

Tortoise: Love, is all there is, and it does not exist. Thus, I truly love myself, it is the only truth that I shall admit to.

Achilles: What about life?

Tortoise: Do you think that I really care?