Note to Myself: Time to let go or the art of imposing order

Saturday routines or occasional returning rites that make it into my periscope include running a few errands and then having a coffee and smoke in a local café while reading the Saturday local and international press. I may be the only local politician who does not read the daily paper everyday, only on weekends, and somehow that is fine with me, I do get bored with the local intriguing and positioning even if these are real and an integral part of political life.

Last week’s friday training consisted of ikkyo and nikyo in several variations. We were two, the teacher and I. On the previous Wednesday’s training I had struggled with ikkyo and then felt like all of sudden I no longer knew any techniques and my body was on strike for some reason. It did not help matters that later that day at a meeting I could barely keep my attention span, and later when I worked over the outcomes of the meeting I took different action than what was agreed since what I had suggested to begin with was not the best way forward. By Friday a bit more water had gone down the Aare, and I had had a most satisfying day that I can not quite yet explain. When the evening rolled around and it was time to go to training there was much in my mind, and I was very immersed in the satisfaction of that I had just done, read written. I wanted to get on the tatami and work on ikkyo and nikyo and Ivo knew that, so there was nothing to talk about. We warmed up and then he presented an opening for me to attack him and executed the first ikkyo of the evening.

Yesterday’s evening training felt quite different, and I had my fun slowing down sankyo. Again, it was just Ivo and I. Friday evening trainings are turning into a private training between the two of us. I love it when the training is so intense, and when I can slow down a technique to feel every instant of the movement and become aware of the distinction between what my head thinks it ought to do, and what my body would do naturally and instinctively.

This week another planetary alignment must have been at work, however it feels like a whole shift in alignment just took place. Do not worry, I am still not into horoscopes, and do not believe that my life is ruled by the stars. Still, gravity being what it is – something that physicists can not yet quite explain – I sometimes tend to hold the celestial bodies responsible for my own whims. This week was one of those weeks that hints at being rather memorable, and if you were a passive observant fly watching my comings and goings, you may not have noticed much of a difference. I did the usual things: meetings, more meetings, training, parliament and many solitary hours at the keyboard. In the interstitials I had a few phone conversations, pinged a few people over the internet, cooked, ate and slept.

While last Friday I went and joined my Physics colleagues in the Länggasse, last night I returned home after training because there was a film that I wanted to watch. The thing is that I kept on falling asleep by 10 PM while trying to watch the film and eventually gave up. Will give it another try today. I love the fact that watching these films is for me part of work in preparation for the workshops at lift. Yes, there will be two proposed. One will be with Henriette and the other will either be one that I lead alone or with someone who will remain unnamed as her/his availability is not yet certain. Anyhow in the next couple of weeks I will be posting some of the details about these proposed workshops in both tensoriana and unconditon.

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For the curious and uninitiated, ikkyo, nykyo and sankyo are respectively the first, second and third techniques in Aikido. Of the pin down techniques, opposed to the throw techniques, these are the first three of six and come in variations that include both the type of attack and the engagement with the attacker.