Sleep and the Devil

The last time that I could not sleep because I did not want to sleep without writing down a few thoughts occurred a few months ago. At that time what was on my mind was very private and intimate, and then I wrote what there was to write, purged the buffer of my mind, and then continued on to whatever it was that was next relieved by having set free a few thoughts.

It is early morning on Saturday and last night I called in early after Aikido training. There was much on my mind, much of it catalyzed by one article that I had written yesterday in German, and by my continued observation of mass media and its interaction with the local government. I still can not understand the consumption and compulsion around mass media and local affairs. As far as I remember I joined a political party simply because I found that the local mass media provided no reliable information about what is really happening in this town. Three months of city parliament experience not only confirm my initial observation, but also throw the role of the mass media in this town in a rather dubious light. Am I losing sleep over this? No.

If I am not asleep now before dawn is because I find the whole damn fascinating! So fascinating that last night before returning home I went in to the Markthalle and got my hands on a copy of Der Berner Zeitung‘s paper version, unfortunately there was no Der Bund around, and while this is all very fascinating, I preferred to return home rather than to seek a copy of said fish wrapper. Those who clicked on the two preceding links that lead to the online version of the two papers immediately recognize that they are hosted under the same TLD. Not a surprising fact given that the two newspapers are owned by the same corporation however do have different editorial boards and other than a different layout, there is little that distinguishes the two.

Recently there has been much printed about the local city parliament and executive elections to take place in about one year (Gemeindewahlen 2008). Given the perspective of being in possession of insider information and no political ambition to higher office, I am both amused and annoyed by how much misinformation, speculation, intriguing and puppeteering there is going on on the pages of these two newspapers. It really makes me wonder whose purposes these two editorial boards are pursuing. Yes, I do have a hunch and the facts are not always as easy to find as it appears.

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Now for the real facts. Last night on returning home after my newspaper and bier pilgrimage I sat on my bed with the mac watching a streaming video. However at one point the broadband connection dropped – something that happens rarely – and for some odd reason would not return immediately and I was much too comfortable to get up and go check on the router as it sometimes does need an occasional reset. So it was that I fell asleep next to the mac and then woke up a couple hours ago into what felt like a vaccuum, but with my mind still rather busy. This reminded me that I have been reading Herman and Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent, and that it would be good to continue reading it.

The devil is always in the detail.