Glitch: Blogger and Ecto

I am having a slight technical problem with uncondition since this morning when during the wee hours I updated ecto and lost in the process a whole bunch of drafts that include a good part of Parallax III that I had offline. I ought to be able to recover the files however I have no clue at this point how, it will take asking all the dumb questions on the ecto forum and then earth it from some dark corner of the HD, or so I hope. Besides this one issue, there are a few others that I am encountering with Blogger and ecto3. Lame as the excuse is, I just have not had the time to look into these technicalities sooner.

Lesson learned: do not update software when you are not even awake to the serendipity of technological glitches.

Given that I am up to my neck in my stealth project, this may take a while to fix. It would be nice if I can recover all those drafts.