In Hilbert space, really!

was wird aus dem stadtwanderer? – der neue bundeskanzler …, originally uploaded by stadtwanderer/randonneur_urbain.

I got a message from a friend of mine now in Sarajevo that something or other had happened today in the National Parliament. Oh! It is the 12th of December! The election of the new Federal Counselors was slated for today! I totally forgot about it.

I am behind on a couple of deadlines, that is, there is work that I promised for the beginning of this week and I have not yet delivered it… so I am totally stressed even if it is something that I can easily remedy with a single phone call. But it was Wednesday morning, and I had something else on my program, and I was rather busy with my own belly button until about 3 PM.

I am amused! Politics is always good for a surprise or two… Blocher may well be out of the government. Tomorrow we will know for sure.