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umgebaut und eingemittet

It has been a crazy week. My apologies go to all of those who have stayed out of my communication collimator, and there are quite a few. In particular my colleagues at the Physikstamm have all the right to feel totally ignored, and I will burn in hell — in the company of some of my best friends who have the exact same behaviour — for my lack of grace in at least answering or responding to text messages. Come to think of this way, I can hardly wait to get to hell!

The last thing that I needed this week was the federally sponsored cabaret that took place right in front of my nose while I was busy doing something else. I totally missed it. On Thursday I had to go into town and it was either my own internal emotional state, or it felt like the whole city was feeling the relief fom a great burden. All of a sudden it is totally cool to be Swiss again, and we have a new Federal Councilor with balls! It was a distraction that I did not need, but I do so like the results! (It was also not a good week to have broken ecto3!)

What am I rambling about? I did get to practice Aikido three times this week! That means that I have showered more at the dojo than at home this week. What? Well… it goes like this, it is the kind of games that I play with myself, I do count how often I shower at home during the week, and if I have showered more at the dojo than at home, it is a good week. Monday my cousin returned home to S. Bras after spending a few days here. It was like early Xmas, only better!

Now I am really rambling. It has been a great week!

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