Le mouton noir Christoph Blocher exclu du gouvernement! – Un swissroll

There is nothing like old news! Really, I mean it. Most news are forgotten before one blinks, even those considered by some to be “historical” are easily forgotten, so when three or four days after the event something is still rather present, one is well placed to say that indeed there is nothing like old news!

I opened up my RSS aggregator this morning to find over 4’000 unread items and then did a search among those for items of topical interest. To this one topic here – Blocher – there were 32 items. Actually it is under the category “swissness” that I group the Swiss bloggers in the aggregator… who would have known? This cartoon had been circulated to me via email by my good friend Frédéric and I had then circulated it to my colleagues in the city parliament, however I like the idea of giving credit where it is due. So go read “swissroll” and have a coffee while you are at it.

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