Death and Life

In the last week or so in several of the off-line conversations that I have engaged in we have touched on the subject of life and death, how men start wars, and what is important in life. During this time an Aikido colleague had a serious road accident and is now in hospital in intensive care.

Although I rarely browse through the daily media headlines, I have done so today. I am deeply sadned to have in this manner learned of the death of a city parliament colleague whose ideology I do not share, but whom I admired to his integrity in defending the causes that he firmly believed in. According to the news, Daniele Jenni passed away last night following a battle with cancer.

Daniele Jenni knew how to use the parliamentary instruments rather well. For a rookie like myself, it was fascinating to observe his effectiveness in defending his causes. On issues rarely did I – like a majority of our colleagues in this parliament – vote in the same way as Daniele Jenni. Being of the same opinion is not what life is about, however the ability to constructively even if sometimes very emotionally being able to argue one’s cause and reach acceptance of a democratic decision is something that I truly admired in Daniele Jenni. I know that I will miss him on January 17, 2008 when our sessions resume.