“How was your Christmas?” a friend asked today on the phone. I had to think a bit. I got all my wishes and my bottom still hurts after a somewhat bumpy ride that had my tailbone get much too close to one of the structural elements of a sled last Sunday. I also got to listen to the newest edition of a colleague’s saga of sad stories in his life, that is, the wrong women fall in love with him. Duh! Yeah. Whatever, my son would comment. I slept a lot, cooked, ate, and have had an overdose of television. I needed to turn off the controls and go on auto-drift mode. I limited my intake of the news to the Al Jazeera version, and reminded myself once more that Al Jazeera still is a beach in Bahrain.

After I surprised myself by spending sometime at a Starbucks today, I then ended up in a watering hole – for a smoke – full with corpulent blokes and chemical blondes, spoken Italian fragments and whining kids desperate for attention. The place was full of smoke, and I was not the only offender. Perhaps I should not have tried for the umpteenth time to watch The Godfather, however I got bored with it half-ways through. This has happened before… it says something about me. My brother may never quite forgive me for not getting his Godfather related quotes. Family is an interesting concept.

I did my best at trying to get into the reading of O meu nome é Legião by Antonio Lobo Antunes – an early Christmas gift from my cousin Tomás – and have been rather uncomfortable with it – the reading, not the gift – from page one. I like this!

On Monday I saw one of the passive characters in my life chatting with a group of his cronies in a rather central and significant location. I walked by amused and thought of another, an active character in my life whom I have not seen in many years. Somewhere along the line this has something to do with my dialogues with a few tiny crabs at the Al Jazeera beach, Battlestar Galactica and that one draft still waiting to be fully developed. Where was I when I got distracted by that character?