8 THINGS that YOU DID not KNOW about me

Help! Sheryl tagged me and 7 other helpless internet folks on this one meme. Last time that this hit me they were 5 things, now it is 8. Do we live in an inflationary world?

Try this:

1. I prefer red wine over white wine. I always drink red wine to accompany fish. I do not consider Champagne or Sekt as white wine, I like those in the BRUT version, that is, very dry.

2. I smoke cigars on occasions.

3. I love to dance.

4. I have never been in South America.

5. As a very young journalism student I interviewed Dennis Weaver on the set of MacCloud at Universal Studios.

6. I did not date when in high school. That one may have something with the fact that I was finished with high school at the age of 16, and I have always preferred to punch boys out than to kiss them.

7. I changed my first name before I was 20.

8. One of my pseudonyms contains at least one of my original names.

Let me think… Who should I tag?

1. Laurent Haug who in all likelihood will kill me for this.

2. Jack Yan although I have no clue if he will kill me or love me for this.

3. André Ribeirinho who without a doubt will have a glass of wine with it and say something to the tune of “algarvia marfada”.

4. Hugo Neves da Silva will get revenge eventually.

5. Pedro Custodio may get stressed about it, might however ignore such non-sense.

6. David Haberthür will bow and link up to the back side of his blog where he has hidden his secrets, or maybe not.

7. Mathias Born may analyse the meme from the perspective of the local fish wrapper and then embarrass me in public.


  1. No, I won’t kill you, Dannie! But I am observing a no-blogging day for Fouad Alfahran, a blogger who was jailed in Saudi Arabia on December 11 without charge.

  2. habi, i think you can still keep the secrets. A man always keeps a few secrets 😉

    Jack, I have read about Fouad Alfahran unfortunate deal with the KSA authorities. As you know I have spent some time in the ME and continue to observe the events over there, and exactly for that reason I can only support your blogging strike.

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