What Happens when a Transhumanist meets Calvin? | LIFT conference

What Happens when a Transhumanist meets Calvin?
January 6, 2008 – 00:11 — Dannie Jost

It took a while, it did. I do not know much about Calvin – any of them, not even the Klein one – however given that what I have heard about Jean Cauvin is that he had a great commitment to the absolute sovereignty and holiness of God…

I propose the following discussion and have taken the liberty to invite the first three discussion starters to start the ball rolling. My idea is more that we all get involved, and I do hope that we have among the participants people who are knowledgeable in Calvin theology and Transhumanism.

For my part what I bring in is a burning passion for dialog and inquiry. In this discussion there is the possibility that we will learn something, and explore the confines of our understanding of technology.

What do Transhumanism and Calvinism have in common?

What is there to learn from looking at the evolution of human thought through technology?

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What Happens when a Transhumanist meets Calvin? | LIFT conference

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  1. Great Idea, Dannie, we’ll discuss it, as soon as we have a opportunity to meet!Let us know what the response on Lift was.

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