Incomplete Combustion!

DSC 5375, originally uploaded by Dannie Jost.

Twice this week I have had to make a quick call on my knowledge of Chemistry. Once it was on a bus while my Aikido Sensei asked me a few questions about a certain illumination object, and I kept not quite being able to make much sense of it… until she dropped one keyword, and then I knew what she was talking about. We were speaking in German and I have hardly ever made any use of Chemistry using German to communicate, so I am not always familiar with the exact terminology.

This morning started with listening to a message on my voice mail that had me really concerned. I panicked. Gee! I rarely panic… or I do that about once a year, so it seems. When I panic I rarely make the right call. I called somebody and then realized that somehow it was all getting rather muddled. I had to think quick and on my feet, it sounded like a matter of life and death. I took a deep breath and then gave instructions, was even imperative about what needed to be done. Got off the line, did what needed to be done and defused the bomb by taking the appropriate actions. Ah! Indeed, panic seems to have all the character of incomplete combustion, and one of the byproducts of such combustion is Carbon Monoxide. CO is indeed poisonous.

Must remember this. Thank you.