LIFT: this week

It is my third LIFT conference and I feel like a little kid! All the people, all the ideas, unfortunately also the bloody fondue! Now back to life…

The Creativity Utopia Workshop is something that has me all excited at this late hour. However due to my own inaccessibility – not answering phone, out of skype or ignoring IM – for the past couple of weeks and Henriette‘s quite exciting OpenStage talk, she will let me do the whole thing by myself. I will miss her bubbles and enthusiasm in the workshop, and am looking forward to exploding tabus, exploring utopia and getting real about finding access to that wonderful chimera of one’s butterfly’s dream.

Transhumanism and Calvin did not make it as a program discussion, and that in itself is interesting to me. I was cryptic about what I was trying to get at… but then there will be Kevin Warwick as a live cyborg, and we are in Geneva anyhow and ready to give Calvin’s heresy a good go.

Anticipation is a wonderful elixir, and when it comes to this conference, it is part of the crack that makes the whole so damn exciting. I could never predict how these things go, but then I could not ever predict much. I am also a bit cramped at this moment not quite knowing what I really want to write here. There are many ideas floating around and I am writing and reading a lot. There are the central issues of identity, public and private, evolving media, and humanity’s relationship to both technology and psychology… and all of this I am writing about.

On Saturday evening I had some interesting discussions about the future of books, reading, and that whole stuff that I so much adore. I am fascinated by new media, sometimes even bored by it, but books I do love. So when I got myself a real live book-lover and publisher in front of me at a social gathering, I picked their brains about the future of the paper book. I do not think that I could really listen too well… I see that media is evolving, with it the book publishing world is also unfolding into new dimensions. Books are a sensual experience that I am not willing to let go of so easily.

Ah… I am drifting, I am! See you at LIFT!