It is Super Tuesday

There is nothing that gets people more excited about politics than a good scandal. In Berne it has been my own party that in the past days has provided the script of scandal. This being a nice provincial little town, of course the scandal is not about sex, and this being Switzerland, it ain’t about corruption either. Yesterday I actually bothered to get newsprint on my hands and read what there was to read about the present scandal. In short, one prominent city executive – Stephan Hügli – has left the party. In his place, it was the only sensible thing to do.

I am not privy to all the details of what has happened that has led to this situation, however I did follow the discussions and power struggles that have preceded Stephan’s decision. I am left reflective and with no desire to give my side of the story here although Parallax III may follow eventually in uncondition. I was a bit slow in putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and now I am curious as how this will affect the elections at the end of the year. Before much can be predicted about the consequences of these events much water is yet to flow down the Aare, that is, there are still many options open and elections are often decided on recent events and weather is also a factor.

Today is Super Tuesday and California is deciding on the presidential primaries, and I could not give a damn. These days I am feeling about politics like I feel about pornography, but not quite. I still love politics but can not say that about pornography. The common element has to do with the curiosity and the detachment for it at one level and at the other level the fact that both debates are devoid of substance. Politics has at many levels become pornography. People talk a lot, go through the motions of speech and debate, but there is no substance, no connection, and no relationship. All the action, all the words, all the sweat, all the blood, all the tears and at the end, frustration and emptiness is what you get to take home.

Welcome to the age of pornography. The darknet may not be what you think it is, but the dark is fascinating and real.