Saturday Rituals, the Flu, FreezeParis or a Night with Macbeth

Friday night I called off my participation in all social activity and curled in bed with a few videos and a whole lot of tea. This silly flu had me and was giving me some grief. On Saturday morning I woke up feeling much better, but not quite up to karate katas, nonetheless I showed up at the karate Dojo at the end of the training to help out with the Spring cleaning and ended up working up a sweat while vaccum the floor and undersides of the tatamis. At some point I did wonder if it had not been wiser to train anyhow or in an act of total absurdity have attended the FreezeParis event. My only conclusion was that I was feeling much better if I could engage in such cleaning rituals, and that my mind must be at its normal as it wonders towards Paris while I have not even had the time to write what I promised to write. Anyhow, this was the kind of flu that attacked my bronchi and gave me an awful sounding cough, but is otherwise moving swiftly through my body without the drippy nose or persisting sore throat. However visiting people who just had brain surgery within the last two weeks is still out of the question according to my colleagues of the medical profession and thus my Sunday plans have just been redrawn.

I need rituals; Saturday is my day for rituals and to abandon myself to a structure that either I have created or my community has created. To this almost rule, there are exceptions, and the exceptions are unqualifiable. After the Dojo cleaning I met with Dirk at Starbucks. I had not seen Dirk in a few months since at present we do not have an active joint project, so there was much to catch up on regarding the intrigues and moves within some sectors of policy making. It is official that I do not like Starbucks except for the soya products and the comfortable chairs, have however been unable to convince any of the local café owners to put soya on their offers. The thing with the comfortable chairs and free wifi works better, and there are lots of comfortable places to sit and work in this town, or the other, for that matter.

On Saturday I also had a long list of errands to run in town, but the ritual is to then end up at the diagonal and read the international press. Lo and behold as I was about to enter the diagonal I bump right smack into Claudio, an old acquaintance whom I had not spoken with in ages, that is, something over ten years. We updated each other on life’s fortunes and we exchanged cards. He, like Sabina, Almut and Lucas all belong to that community of the politically active. By the time that I was done scanning the press, I needed a nap. Still the nap did not happen and I ended up doing something rather satisfying, work.

Saturday I was at the library in the pursuit of a film that I wanted to watch because of one specific scene that I want to refresh in my memory, and I stumbled on Roman Polanski’s version of Macbeth. Ah! This is a film that I had watched back in high school in Montreal and that then left me in an altered state as I had never seen so much blood in my whole life, and all that I was sure of then was that Macbeth was indeed mad. Thirty five years later, it was time to watch that film again. I did spend the evening with Polanski’s Macbeth. I love that Macbeth and he is the best introduction to the Paris Freeze and the whole question of what it is that we are doing here. On that tone I also had a look at Hirokazu Kore-eda‘s After Life.