Writing, Politics, Death and Boredom

I am well, and if I was bored to death, I would not be writing, I would be wallowing in the boredom and slowly asphyxiating to death. So all is well. The past two weeks have been good weeks, and that means that I showered three times at the dojo each week. Remember my condition of satisfaction for a good week is that I shower three times at the dojo. In actuality it is two different dojos, but the three showers mean that I trained three times and if I am training that much, then I am healthy and I have otherwise organized my life to afford the luxury of training. Luxury? Not really a luxury, but I like to think of it this way. At today’s morning training one colleague gave me a good piece of advice after I voiced my hesitation in testing on June 20th, he told me to decide on the 21st. Thanks Andreas, I signed up. Really, sometimes I think too much!

This morning I had a short conversation with my neighbour. It was the kind of periodic conversations that I have with her that make me wonder what kind of privileged relationship we have. Mind you, she is a very special neighbour and we share a certain affinity for rust and angular objects. This morning however we ended up talking about the flying ants at my place that I consider my guests for the next few days. It is the third year in a row that I am graced with these visitors. This year I decided to not spray with some chemical agent and indulge my more Buddhist tendencies and let the couple of spiders already cohabitating with me have a feast all of their own. Spiders? Yes, I live with a couple of spiders, and for the most part all is harmony except when one of them errs into the shower and I then mercilessly proceed without any consideration for its plight in trying to escape the water. Nothing, not even my beloved spiders, can come between me and my shower! These flying ants will be gone in a couple of days, and then all returns to normal, or whatever it is that normal is around here that is never quite normal. We will have to check the alternatives of dealing with the ant colony as it seems to be located somewhere in some ceiling crack between this place and the adjacent rooms. Ants, spiders and all, I really like this place. Shortly after I had moved in, I sat at my desk and a few wild thoughts, dreams, desires and aspirations zipped through my mind that today I shared with my neighbour and commented on my own state of affairs with some vague plan as to what is immediate for me. She smiled, and commented something about that being a good sign. Inshallah!

I have been a bit silent in the last months. Actually this year started with me being not much in the mood for blogging or broadcasting and so it has been so far. Nothing wrong, nothing special, just a few moods and whims. I have been writing on the technical level and am by now really missing writing fiction. I also have been reading quite a bit. But what is this with death? Ah, it is about Tantra! It is about Tantra and my old place. I remember now something that was rather odd when I returned from Germany quite a few years back. I remember the thought that I had come back to Berne to die. I liked that thought, i like the idea of returning to die. There was something in me that needed to die. It has been a slow and painful death, and I think that it is finally dying. Thing is that I only discovered what it was that was dying recently. Remember dying is about giving up and surrendering to life. The art of dying is what life is about.

Politics? What does any of this have to do with politics you ask. Simple, life is politics. Now go figure. Tokyo is never far, Rome, Paris, Geneva, London and New York are on my mind.