There are linen sheets on my bed, it is Summer! more photos from trafal

It is Summer. This blog is taking a break.

What does that mean?

I love to write. I also love to write this very personal blog. It is that I just do not find myself in the personal-blogging space very often these days. It could also be that I am bored with writing about myself in the first person singular here. The exercise has however been good and thoroughly enjoyable. Between writing a novel, theoretical man, a few odd short stories, academic work, and the occasional policy bit here and there… to mention a few of the ongoing projects… I will be dropping a few balls. Catch one if you can!

Occasionally I need a break from weightier matters and go for more visual and fewer words on trafal.

I am looking forward to reboot, a community event for practical visionaries and a chance to talk with some very cool people, breathe a bit of the Scandinavian air… this I needed!