Summer Update

Birankai Continental Europe Summer Camp 2008

I finally uploaded the few pics that I made in Uzès, and mailed the official group photos to Yves Lepoivre for some serious editing as it seems that I either train or take photos, but seem unable to multitask these two activities.

The events of the past few months have led me to declare loudly that I do love change. At this point I really do not know what the stroboscope will show a few months or weeks down the road, however flux and flow are the present currents. It came then as no surprise that during the Summer Camp in Uzès Chiba Sensei aptly reminded us that no change – that is, a flat line – is what being dead is. He used other words, this is my interpretation. I have heard this analogy to the heart beat before, and we are all aware of our breathing rhythm. In Aikido – like in other martial arts – there is also a rythm as to when to be light as a feather or heavy as a mountain, and it all boils down to when, where and what.

I have collected a few of my feeds to a tumblr blog and redirected it to my own domain trafal. Trafal is a beach in the Algarve where some years ago I parted with an old dream of mine. Now of that beach – Trafal – it is the memories that remain. If one day you will be wondering where on earth I may be, Trafal would be a good place to go looking. I have been told that on many a dawn a woman in a white gi is seen running along that beach; it is either me or my ghost.

Speaking of ghosts, given that I just entered the redirecting of the tumblr blog to trafal that was previously being redirected to it could well be that when you enter, you will get the “sand box” instead. This ghost will disappear once the DNS lookup table has been updated (usually within 78 hours). [update: no DNS ghosts ]

The Bernese political arena will open up again next week when the school children also return to their classroom. I have enjoyed the political summer recess and it is only with great amusement that I look into the local press on occasions to discover that I do like news as entertainment, and that indeed politics remains an art, and I an apprentice of the art.

This weekend is a good one to be in Berne as there will be a street music festival taking place. When you have had your ears full of music, then there is East of Eden presented by the Zentrum Paul Klee. Yesterday afternoon, while totally under the influence of the ecstasy that happiness brings, I took a walk around town and East of Eden while collecting a few pics.

Ah! Theoretical Man is returning to public life!