Red Herring

Today’s session at the Bernese Rathaus was fascinating. There was a debate over the city’s welfare office that ran for over two hours, and some of the speakers got a bit emotional, others got down to the facts, one was particularly sarcastic, and there were a lot of words spilled over into the air waves and onto the voice recorder. To make it all sweeter there were a few photographers and more journalists than usual. What was really fascinating was what was NOT said. Theatre! Pure theatre and that is how government works.

I could not help it but to think that the whole subject of the debate was actually a red herring. The issue, if there was one, lies elsewhere. There is a game being played and you – the public and the voters – think that it is these crazy power hungry attention whores that we have for politicians in office (count me in that group, I am one of them). But no, the game being played is the one called government, this is how government works.

Good rational and scientifically sounded arguments and policy rarely get anybody too excited, much less do they move emotions or people to vote. Irrational emotional argumentation aroused the dead!

This is a lot better than I had ever imagined politics could be. Really, infinitely better. Imagine for a while that government and politics would be a linear and rational process, how dull would that be? It would be immensely boring and no challenge at all, so much so that I can not really imagine how totally boring it would be and can only predict that nobody would ever find a reason to live because there would be nothing to fight for. Imagine that this town run smoothly, and that the present red-green coalition actually would have a bike friendly traffic plan implemented in this city. Now, that would be really boring, wouldn’t it?