All things not being equal

Last night at the Stadtrat session the FDP has just managed to get its motion trough that effectively eliminates the city’s “Wirtschaftsamt“. This is the kind of office that would have been of assistance in recruiting and managing the relationships of industry and commerce in the city. Trouble is… oh there are many!

First, this is a job – the relationship management between business and government – that is best done at the cantonal (regional) level AND in intimate collaboration with the federal government. The city is, in this particular instance, not the most relevant or important actor even when said business are located in said city. Now, that it would be the liberals that would do away with such an institution as the Wirtschaftsamt, could raise a few eyebrows and confuse a whole lot of people. I tend to think that most citizens are however in a position to see that this was a necessary step which reduces redundancies and waste.

Second, finding a link or webpage to said office either in the or by googling does not yield a result. I am wondering if I have lost my knack to find information on the web… I used to be good at this. I am wondering as to what kind of data mining tools I need to use in order to find this office… I consulted the StadtKalender 2008 – a paper directory of all the city’s administrative offices – and with the information in there was able to google for the link to the said soon to be defunct office.

What does this mean?

While debating the 2009 budget, the FDP has submitted an alternative budget (for the city) and proposed that it be subject to the choice of the voters. However the present majority of the holy alliance of red-greens in our city defeated us in the effort of bringing an alternative to the voters. Now, it is a matter of shaving off items from the present proposed budget in order to save where saving brings rationalisation and improvement.