Living with Mosquitos

Last night’ session at the Bernese Rathaus did not go past midnight although it was longer than usual. The budget debate seemed to me more like a compulsory exercise in parliamentary procedure mixed in with the usual cabaret of attention whores taking the speaker’s podium much too often while the one or two good arguments seemed rather scarce and indeed in very short supply. It could also be that the smarter people know that it would be a waste of breath and time to say anything sensible, for it really would not make a difference. I for my part exercised the not so fine art of multi tasking that included surfing around inside Facebook, chatting with my cousins, taking photos, answering email, and reading the odd item on my news reader. All in all, it was fun. For about five minutes towards the end of the session there was a fantastic energy in the room, and decisions were being made, not just being formalised… that was fun.

Oh, by the way, I also voted but it was a chaotic exercise, and mostly it felt like a futile exercise. Really? Really! But it is not all bad, not if you understand what is at play. Something was missing, but what was it?