City Plumbing and Software Goodies

Where do I begin? Yesterday I had a very interesting introduction to the history of Turkey that included secret service and an Ambassador. What seems incredible to me is not how much others do know, but how ignorant I am. Needless to say that the speaker was a distinguished academic. All right, yesterday was an interesting day, but then I can not complain that my days are not interesting. I must have blundered in my disorientation and signed up for a subscription of interesting days.

Earlier this evening I sat in the Rathaus and listened to the debate about the city’s new GIS and then we approved the budget for it. The arguments were mostly for it, and even if positive did sound rather lame to me. It must be me. Still… there is a whole bunch of data about the city available on the internet, and I had no clue!

I am at this point taking bets that I am not going to get re-elected and either I am trying to convince others or myself of this. The way that I figured this, given that the day has 24 hours and the week seven days… No! Not going down that road. Anyhow I have enjoyed learning from the inside about the work of a parliamentarian. At first the whole theatrics were fascinating, but once I decoded those and they moved to the wallpaper, there were other aspects to look at. I have been taking notes. The question of what it is that is needed to bring about change at the level of local government does interest me. The process is slow, very slow and one needs incredible amounts of patience.

Right now there is only one thing on my mind: sleep.