A Matter of Belief

I suspect that my belief in the democratic process has just been reinstated. I am in a mild state of shock. Really!

After I psyched myself to what I prognosticated as a personal defeat at the polling station in this city, I am now facing the fact that I came in fourth position on the list. This means that there are folks out there who have voted for me and that somehow believe that I do represent them in our city’s parliament. I thank all who voted. Those who voted for me have given me a gift that I do not quite yet know how to handle. Thank you.

Actually our party did take a beating on yesterday’s elections. This was rather expected given the party dynamics in this city that included several new parties with either right wing or liberal ideologies combined with a sprinkling of green. Now green, liberal and conservative has a certain hipp value and sex appeal right now and it was expected that the more traditional right-wing parties would lose constituency as a consequence, and so it was. Our party – the good old plain liberals – lost five seats from the present 14. The total number of seats in the city’s parliament is 80. Our fraction may still remain the second largest as we will be a total of 10. The one additional seat comes from the third list – the FDP-youth – who bravely defended and kept their one seat, while the women’s list lost two seats and the men’s list lost three seats. To put things in proportion, one new party made six seats on their first ballot ever, not a bad start indeed. (Thanks Jacqueline for pointing out the error as to how many seats on which list were lost.)

Why does this reinstate my belief in democracy? It would be a long winded and boring explanation, as is normal for any explanation or justification. The reason is more to be found in the results of the federal votes which brought in some welcome results and new challenges at the federal level. I am especially pleased that the initiative aiming at bringing to court pedophiles has passed even if this leaves our Justice with new challenges.

For me personally at the city level there is one decision that the electorate did not make for me, but then I will write a bit more about that one when that fruit is ripe.