fremdgehen II

It has been a fantastic week. Fantastic with capital F, and with capital everything. Then there was today, one of those days that I got little accomplished of what I had wanted to get done. Still, today I went to the hairdresser, made some important calls, and…

But my research papers database crashed with the new update and all through the day I exchanged emails with support in trying to resurrect my database from the dead. I am a bit at a loss for some parts of my work without this database; the issue is not yet resolved, but both the software people and I have a good idea as to where to be looking for a solution, so I am not worried at this point although the whole thing did eat up most of the day. I also attended a seminar on intellectual property over lunch and that did me some good, or at least it reminded me of how much work there is to do in that area. Then as I was heading out of the office to go to the dojo to teach the pre-schoolers class, I bumped into a colleague and we had a wonderful exchange that somehow rounded the day. We talked about our kids and decisions, and had what was an emotional interaction. Just yesterday as I was reviewing a document and needed an authoritative reference on an item, at the library I bumped into him, and since that was an issue we had discussed previously I asked if he knew where I could look, he did, and it saved a whole lot of time for me.

We have this library where conversation is allowed. It is in the offices that conversation is not part of the etiquette, but we do have conference rooms. Even when we have phone calls, we go to the library to hold our calls. I like this system, phones are time killers, like email is a time killer, and one does need to deal with these killers in a rather loving and efficient way. Did i mention email? Forget the zero inbox principle. For me, it just does not work, but I am a fan of turning on flags, archiving, and turning off all the bells and whistles. I get bored with smart boxes and other systems and explaining my system, that too bores me.

However it was the kids at the dojo that somehow brought what has been a fantastic week to a brilliant finish. When I started teaching Aikido for pre-schoolers all that I knew was that this was a huge challenge for me. Somehow something about that challenge was too great for me to let it pass. Right now I am starting to suspect that I get more out it than anybody else, but judging by how the kids are doing and how they are developing, it looks like there is something wonderful happening on the tatami with these kids. It could also be that I am compensating for my unfulfilled desire to have had more children, and that somehow these five kids are giving me that gift. Today one of them had a gift for me. She could hardly wait to give it to me and her whole face and demeanor was pure excitement. After I had changed into my training gi and was still tying my belt, she comes to me with her hands behind her back and asks me which hand I want. Precious! She had painted a mug and was giving it to me as a gift. I asked to what I owed such honour, and she said it was because I teach them Aikido. It was a group gift, but she had been the one doing the art work. Precious was the expression on her face! Such joy!

With the Aikido kids I am learning a lot about leadership… but that is one long story. I am learning and I am teaching about leadership, and along the way they are picking up something about respect, contact, courtesy and how to fall to the floor without hurting oneself. They learn to move like elephants and to be light like the wind…