anonymous @ lift09

anonymous @ lift09

Thanks to fortuity and Lee Bryant‘s kindness of heart I joined the lift conference on Friday afternoon after lunch. I have made a few notes, and it could be that I will write a bit about it, and then it could be that I will not. It is not as though I am missing on material to write about, or the opportunity to write.

In short, RFID’s got totally back on my radar and I was reminded of this one paper that is in the pipeline and deals with issues around this technology. Vint Cerf was fantastic. But it was also great to chat, although much too briefly, with other lifters. Of course, I came home wanting an electronic tattoo that can not be hacked and can poken. But then… perhaps we already come equipped with such devices… There are a couple of talks that I want to find the time to watch the videos

Congratulations to Laurent Haug, the lift lab team, helpers and volunteers for another remarkable conference on the shores of the Lac Léman.

It always turns out differently, and much better than the plan (1). You see, when the time came around to decide on lift and a possible contribution to it, it was already clear to me that it required a few miracles (2) for me to be able to set foot on Geneva territory on any of those days. So, I did not register for the conference. I did follow the twitter #lift09 on Thursday when I had a chance. I was a guest of Headshift at the conference, my thanks go to Lee.

Actually whoever was in charge of miracle delivery to my address has a fantastic hit rate, and I am being spoiled by life once more!

Simply much too much happened this last week, all good, really good. Last and not least was… ah forget it, I have a paper to work on this weekend!


(1) Usually I do not have the plan, not even a plan. This is all bluff.

(2) One miracle happened last Friday one week ago, and if by accident you followed my Facebook updates, you know when that happened. Wednesday morning was also so sweet!