Empty Threads

Achilles: Where is my mindless monkey?

Tortoise: The Veda that you are reading is souring your mind. You do not know how to read. You do not…

Achilles: I lost it all, I gave it all up. Is the mindless monkey that I left in Lisbon returning?

Tortoise: Insanity. Your voice is so very loud! Why must you speak with me? Do you imagine that I exist? Let me make it clear to you now: I do not exist.

Achilles: Genius! You are and define genius!

Tortoise: To listen to you is the only folly that is left to my insanity! Today I tasted that which is the very elixir of life: not caring, not giving a damn, not wanting, not committing, not owning, not existing!

Achilles: If I listen to you. I would think that you are… could it be? Is it possible that you actually turned around? Have you considered the existence of the possibility of love?

Tortoise: Must you once more return to your belief? There is no wisdom and no attainment. Why would I want to believe when I am already empty?

Achilles: Pathetic! You call the pressure anvil that you create day in and day out, empty? Your cosmos is chaotic, agonizing, suffocating, moronic, boring, and the next calamity follows the past calamity. You bleed to death!

Tortoise: There is no fear.

Achilles: Fear or epistasis?

Tortoise: Form is not different from emptiness, emptiness is not different from form; form is emptiness, emptiness is form.