The Easter Report


Good friends, good food, good wine, and life goes on. Spending the Easter break immersed in my own world, really not in the mood for sharing much at all. It could be that in having announced the word greed as the word of the year, I did open a can of worms like none other. Realising that I am running late already according to the plans for the day, and that there is nothing absolutely more frightening to me than to have a chance to do that which I have always wanted to do.

I am positively bored with a few elements of emergence, and totally excited, if not drunk and intoxicated with others. Tears come easily these days, and then there was a question that I was asked recently that in its brutality, left me speechless, and then I did wonder how my reaction was interpreted. Thought about it a bit more, and then discovered that I did not particularly care. Have you ever killed an human being?

Last year a friend of mine made some comment about himself that had he not come to Europe, he would certainly be like one of those north american jerks. I remember my reaction then. Then too, I was speechless and put out some distracting noise concerning my own private thoughts as to how I would have turned out as a housewife. Then I did wonder what made my friend think that he hasn’t remained a north american type of jerk. I am not one to judge, but the thought did cross my mind.

Still, just like a delocalized electron, after all these years. But George, do go for the it! I think that I am going to be late for the family gathering.

Happy Easter!