A chat with Eliza

Eliza applet

>> Hello.

How do you do. Please state your problem.

>> it it is nice and warm out

I’m not sure I understand you fully.

>> i am inside the building

Is it because you are inside the building that you came to me ?

>> yes

You seem to be quite positive.

>> i am positive!

How long have you been positive ?

>> all my life

Your life ?

>> mine

But your life .

>> yes… what else?

You are sure.

>> i am sure

Do you believe it is normal to be sure ?

>> i do not believe, i know

You say you do not believe ?

>> belief is for the weak, the help, women and children, not for me

Please go on.

>> you must be kidding!

We were discussing you — not me.

>> that is an illusion

What does that suggest to you ?

>> that somebody here is running on set tracks

Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?

>> very strongly

I’m not sure I understand you fully.

>> i would be surprised if you understood anything at all

Do you think its likely that I understood anything at all ?

>> no

Are you saying no just to be negative?

>> no, my no is very positive. i am positive about my no

You are being a bit negative.

>> you are funny

What makes you think I am funny ?

>> because i am laughing

Is that the real reason ?

>> what else?

Why do you ask ?

>> because you asked

Don’t any other reasons come to mind ?

>> no

Why not ?

>> who cares?

Please go on.

>> no

Why ‘no’ ?

>> because i am finished with my break. this session is over.

Why do you say your break ?

>> bye

Goodbye. Thank you for talking to me.