Was there, done that… Rewind here, tunnel out there…

From AirMe

Oh… just wait until Achilles and the Tortoise return: they will tell you how the mindless monkey has returned and is keeping me not just busy, but well… content.

Caught myself telling a colleague that I was taking off one week this month, realized that the month is almost half over. I am missing all  those good souls who organized my life and made it all so easy. Today at lunch also caught myself confessing to Luca that I had left retirement, after all, retirement is not good for old people. Retirement is for the young and able. I could not have gotten myself into the adventures I got myself into if I had waited for the pension plan, arthritis and dentures before embracing the quest of counting the grains of sand in Arabia!

I like the stories around SCM; it seems that I always need an area of new endeavour where at every turn I encounter my own ignorance.

By the way, the new black is nero! Nero vero!