Nothing on my mind


Dear Mom…

Nope, that is not my latest boyfriend or whatever you want to call the dude who massages my feet. You did not know about the foot fetish, did you? It is an old thing with me. I promise to not reveal too many embarrassing details of my private fetishes here. The thing with the feet is all your fault, it started with ballet classes. But it is true, I love my feet, and I am faithful to my old shoes. It has always been this way. Remember Nick? Well, he dared to throw away one of my shoes because they were too flat and unattractive. With that move, he placed himself on the launch pad of ex-boyfriends. Next time you do bump into him, and I know you do, well… there is nothing that I wish or do not wish him; indifference. I know you like him, he was all right, but somewhere along the line I went to Napa Valley and got my head screwed back on.

That fellow in the pic above is actually a pleasant down to earth person who is not afraid of saying what he thinks. So, he and I have this standing date on Thursday evenings in the Bernese Rathaus; they call it something else, but it is something like the city council. We argue a lot – it is called debating – I stutter a lot at the podium because I am still not comfortable with holding speeches in German. Right now we are in the middle of cleaning up the city’s budget. Mind you, this budget has been prepared by city functionaries who actually know what the hell they are doing, but we – the elected members of the city council – take this as our chance to look for hairs in the soup. It gets messy, very polemic, and pretty real although as far as the bottom line on the budget goes, it does not make much difference.

Politics is a funny thing; it is a mixture of rational thought and irrational behaviour sprinkled with all sorts of more or less emotional rhetoric, inflamed words and one heck of a lot of egocentric exhibitionists. I am working on becoming an egocentric exhibitionist, and although I have some good role models to study on Thursday evenings, I am not quite sure that I am up to speed for such a role… May need to go back to acting school after all.

Yeah, stretched and squeezed. About one year ago or so I told a good friend of mine that perhaps in about ten years I could talk about what I am doing now; right now it looks like it might be already in about five or six years when I can lift the veil. Meanwhile I am loving the game!