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It is true. One long story that I have been writing for the past three years has seen it’s last chapter written, editing is coming up within the next weeks . The more editing I do, the more I enjoy it.

In my kamikaze approach to film watching, not long ago I ended up watching “The Sound of Insects“. I kept on falling asleep during the long and drab narrative; nothing in the film disturbed or touched me. It is based on a novel by Shimada Masahiko who in turn based his story on a real life story… I think I finally got a taste of the challenge that some of my narrative provides!

Maybe that I am forgetting too quickly. Actually during the projection I kept on thinking about a story that I shelved a while back, and wondering whether that is ready to be completed. So, perhaps something touched me about the film, or have I turned to stone already?

Do note that drab is not bad, not at all!