Bern to Zurich to New York

Push notifications kept me informed, and the information that I got is that I am going to turn off push notifications as they are too much of an intrusion in my monk’s cell. Or, it could be that I am starting to understand why some monks do take a pledge of silence. The more I play with that state of affairs the better I like it.

However it is a delight to learn that the folks in Bern rejected the initiative about a planning study to get the cars out of the Bahnhofplatz. Actually the train station plaza is a mess, it is just a prettier mess than it used to be before the renovation that was concluded last year, but it is still a mess and it has the ugliest pavement that I have ever seen. But then I like cobble stones, and even if they need frequent repair, but the asphalt is not for ever either. But the folks are smart, and they knew that the traffic would have to go somewhere. After all that midnight action between Philippe and I where we went distributing flyers may have helped. Anyhow, it is always fun roaming the streets with Philippe Müller around midnight! Actually a lot of us that were against the initiative put in a fair amount of leg work in distributing flyers.

The Bahnhofplatz in Bern is a mess for bikes, and it would not get much better if cars were not allowed to circulate. Why is it so bad? Because there is no bike path that does not cross the public transportation paths, and those trolley buses and trams are no contest against a bike. I really do not understand why there was no better planning for the place to begin with. So this one is not off the table! Gloria alleluia!