HUGO in the sky tomorrow in BERN

My good buddy and partner in celestial crimes, Rudolf von Steiger, and his buddies Daniel Schümperli and Lukas Frey are giving a concert tomorrow at the Natural History Museum in Bern at 19:30. For reservations call +41 31 350 71 11.

It will be a geeky concert. What the trio does is to take atmospheric data collected for scientific purposes and improvise music to the cosmic bits. It is sort of hard to describe, but it will be worthwhile to go and listen for the experience of turning the factual into the sensual.

NB: Rudi is a director at the International Space Science Instiute at the University of Bern. Daniel is s molecular biologist, and I heard rumours that he is molecular himself even while playing the clarinet, while Lukas is a geographer having an affair with a contrabass.